Portable Linux binaries


Current application version: 2.6.1 (Web UI 2.6.1)

Note: the ARM binary is compatible with ARMv7 and newer architectures only.


Unpack the downloaded archive and run the following terminal commands inside the extracted directory:

Initial configuration wizard

./airdcppd --configure

Launch normally


Nightly builds

Nightly build archive

Migration from non-portable builds

Portable builds will save all settings under the application directory by default, while non-portable versions generally save settings in user’s home directory.

Making the application to use your existing settings directory:

  1. Rename dcppboot.xml to dcppboot.xml.user
  2. Open the file and change the ConfigPath tag to <ConfigPath>%[HOME]/.airdc++/</ConfigPath>

If you want to have the settings inside the application directory instead, you may create a directory named config and move your settings there.