Installing packages on Ubuntu

IMPORTANT: unless you are going to edit the source code, the recommended way to install the application on Ubuntu is to use the provided portable binaries

Ubuntu 16.04 or newer is required for compiling the client.

Install tools

$ sudo apt-get install gcc g++ git cmake npm python pkg-config

Install libraries

$ sudo apt install pkg-config libbz2-dev zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libstdc++6 libminiupnpc-dev libnatpmp-dev libtbb-dev libmaxminddb-dev libboost1.58-dev libboost-regex1.58 libboost-thread1.58 libboost-system1.58 libleveldb-dev libwebsocketpp-dev

The installation command is targeted for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. For installation on newer distributions, please see the Notes section below.


  • libtbb-dev is an optional dependency as it’s not available for all processor architectures (such as armv6).
  • The version number of libboost-* packages generally differs in each Ubuntu release. If you get installation errors related to libboost packages, use the command apt-cache search libboost to check the latest version available for your system and replace all versions numbers in the installation command accordingly.